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There are many meaningful ways to support the Scholarship Foundation and its goals. These range from supporting Foundation events, to donation of time and service, as well as making monetary donations into the Foundation’s Corpus Fund. The latter can be achieved in several ways, such as making an Endowed Scholarship Donation or Annual Scholarship Donation. These areas are described in further detail below. Additional forms of giving are also available and include; Bequests through a will, life insurance, trust, or retirement plan contribution. While donating money to a charitable cause is purely a personal decision and a self-gratifying reward, the foundation has set up a “level of giving” tree to recognize your efforts. The level of giving structure is used in Foundation advertising and the Annual Report. It is your option to have your name included in this information. The levels are as follows:

Sponsor Level Gift Amount

Foundation Donor $1 to $100
Foundation Member $101 to $499
Foundation Supporter $500 to $999
Foundation Trustee $1000 to $4999
Foundation Leadership Circle $5,000 to $9,999
Foundation Circle of Honor $10,000 to $25,000

All Single Donations or Accrued Annual Donations that exceed $10,000 can be placed into a “named” scholarship. Annually, a scholarship will be awarded in that person’s name, family name, or a name of their choice if so desired. The Foundation tracks annual giving for this and tax record purposes.

Endowment Scholarship Donations:

Annual or “lump sum” donations are added to the “Corpus”, invested in an income bearing account. Income generated annually from the endowment is used to fund the scholarship or youth cultural development awards. A portion of the interest income may also be used to increase the endowment corpus over time. Additional gifts to the endowment will increase the corpus and consequently the amount of interest income available for annual awards.

Annual Scholarship Donations:

These are “direct” scholarship or cultural development awards that are made annually. These donations are not added to the Corpus, but rather paid directly into the awards program. Individuals may make a multi-year commitment to a fund “named” annual scholarship award.

Tax Incentives:

Donations made to the Foundation Scholarship or Cultural Development Award are Tax Deductible. The Foundation provides necessary documentation for all gifts made.

To make a contribution, or for more information, please fill out the form below. Please Print, Fill out and Send. Please send form along with your check to the Foundation Board of Directors. All information will remain confidential.

Please make checks payable to:
Arizona Hellenic Foundation

Please Print, Fill out and Send:

YES! I Would like to support the Arizona Hellenic Foundation and make the following contribution:

___ $1.00-$25.00
___ $25.01-$50.00
___ $50.01-$100.00
___ $100.01-$500
___ Other

Please mail to:
Arizona Hellenic Foundation
P.O. Box 7508
Chandler, Arizona 85246-7508

Please check your choices:
___ I would like more information on the Arizona Hellenic Foundation Giving Programs
___ I would like more information on the Arizona Hellenic Foundation Scholarship Program
___ I would like more information on the Arizona Hellenic Foundation Hellenic Cultural Program
___ I would like to speak with a board member. (Your Day/Evening Phone Number: ( ___ ) ___ - _____
___ I am interested in volunteering my time to support Foundation activities and fundraisers.

Please check one option for how you woul dlike your gift recognized in any Foundation acknowledgements:
___ I would like my gift to be listed as an individual, business or family name gift using the name listed below.
___ I would like my gift to be kept confidential. The foundation will not disclose your name and amount of contribution.

Your name: ______________________________ Name on gift: ______________________________
Address: ________________________________ City/State/Zip: _____________________________
Phone: ( ___ ) ___ - _______ Fax: ( ___ ) ___ - _______ email: _______________________________

Checks may be mailed to:
Arizona Hellenic Foundation
P.O. Box 7508
Chandler, Arizona 85246-7508

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